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The awakening of the senses in Mai with recreation and food or how to find happiness in the simple joys in life

The destination Moravske Toplice and the surrounding areas has over 250 kilometers worth of bike roads that go through countless tourist points. Immerse yourself in the charms of recreation over the hills and plains of Prekmurje and see for yourself that this part of Slovenia is not as flat as everybody seems to think.

You can borrow bikes in our office TIC in Moravske Toplice. We can provide for 10 bikes. We also have the necessary bike literature.

This Mai Adventure should not only be a feast for the eyes of the colorful landscapes but also a culinary adventure.  From restaurants to tourist farms there are many local food providers in Moravske Toplice and the surrounding areas. They offer food that is a combination of traditional Prekmurje-Pannonian and modern cuisine. Do not miss the food made with millet and buckwheat (ajdove zlevanke in palačinke – buckwheat pancakes, buckwheat porridge with porcini, dessert with millet porridge, soufflé with millet porridge) and of course other traditional culinary local specialties.

For more information’s please visit us in TIC Moravske Toplice, where we will gladly help you pick the right choice.