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Following the Sweet Trail to the sweet treasures

Moravske Toplice - Martjanci - Sebeborci - Ivanovci - Kančevci - Ratkovci - Lončarovci - Ivanjševci - Berkovci - Prosenjakovci - Motvarjevci - Bukovnica - Bogojina - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 41 km

Level: fairly to quite demanding;
hilly route, suitable for those who can endure greater strains. We recommend that you take enough time and just enjoy the trip.

This is the most difficult trail – but also the sweetest. Along the way, you can meet excellent craftsmen who put love and passion in  their sweets, keeping the local heritage alive. You can try sweet honey products in the Ratkovci village, where you can also make your own gingerbread heart. In the same village, visitors can also try some excellent cheeses from the Goričko region. Don't forget to visit the brook mill in the Berkovci village. For yet a sweeter experience, visit the chocolate shop in the Tešanovci village.

The route is quite diverse, suitable for cyclists in good shape who have enough time. You can also join the traditional Hike along the Sweet Trail which takes place every March.

Bikers' Paradise map (Slovenian: Raj za kolesarje)
(available at TIC Moravske Toplice)