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Recreational trails Carpe diem! / Seize the day!

Murska Sobota - Markišavci - Polana - Černelavci - Krog - Bakovci - Rakičan - Noršinci - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice - Martjanci - Nemčavci - Murska Sobota

Length: 42 km
Level: fairly demanding

Experience the countryside, enjoy a family cycling trip and try the specialities of the Prekmurje region along the way. In the town of Murska Sobota, which is the centre of the region, you can stroll around the park or visit the castle, which also houses a museum. To see the Mura river, drive to the Krog village.

In the Tešanovci village, we recommend that you stop at the rest area next to a wooden well, which is locally called "čiga". In Moravske Toplice, you can visit the Protestant church or explore the trim trail, and in the Martjanci village you can visit the church of Saint Martin and admire the frescos by Johannes Aquila – one fresco includes the oldest self-portrait in the European art.

More information about the trail: cycling map Carpe diem – Seize the day
(available at TIC Moravske Toplice and TIC Murska Sobota).

TIC Moravske Toplice: +386 2 538 15 20
TIC Murska Sobota: