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Theme trails

Theme trails

Cultural Heritage Trail

Bogojina - Trnavski Breg - Filovski Breg - Gaj - Filovci

Length: 10 km
Level: demanding;
asphalt, gravel, forest path; featuring important architectural, historical, ethnological monuments and sites of the local cultural heritage

Sights: Plečnik's Church in Bogojina, Gaj open-air museum featuring traditional thatched houses and pottery village in Filovci, winery, local providers of catering and other services

On this trail, you can learn about the gems of architectural heritage as well as the rich legacy of cottage industry.

Sweet Trail

Ratkovci - Berkovci - Ivanjševci

Length: 8 km
Starting Point: Honey-bread bakery Jožica Celec, Ratkovci

Sights: Honey-bread bakery Jožica Celec in Ratkovci Časar's mill beekeeping Kozic
in Ivanjševci (The trail is part of the Pomurje Mountain Trail).

Description: In this part of the Goričko Nature Park, a trail which unites the craftsmen from the villages of Ratkovci, Berkovci and Ivanjševci and which are also active today, has come to life. Because of their products, which are mostly sweets, the trail was named Sweet Trail. On the Sweet Trail, visitors can familiarise themselves with the centuries-old tradition of honey-bread bakery and beekeeping, they can also explore the cultural and technical monument - “Časarov mlin“ (Časar's mill), which was built in 1930 and is one of the most interesting buildings in these places since.

Wineries Trail

Tešanovci - Suhi Vrh - Zgornji Moravci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 12 km
Level: demanding;
asphalt, gravel

Wineries and vineyards help shape the contours and image of the landscape which is typical of a region that ascends from the Pannonian Plain and transitions into the first hillsides of Goričko. On the way, you can make a stop at one of the local catering or other service providers.


Prosenjakovci Trail

Prosenjakovci - Selo

Length: 8 km
Level: fairly demanding;
asphalt, gravel, forest path

The bilingual region along the Hungarian border is rich in natural, cultural and historical peculiarities that unite the diverse attractions along the trail which was named after the village of Prosenjakovci. Aside from a gift of nature – water, one can also visit the historical, architectural and sacral gems of this part of Prekmurje.

Sights: Romanesque rotunda, protestant church

Pannonian Trail

Moravske Toplice - Mlajtinci - Tešanovci - Ivanci - Bogojina - Suhi Vrh - Zgornji Moravci

Length: 20 km/4 km
Level: quite demanding/undemanding;
asphalt, macadam, forest

The Panonian trail leads to many cultural and natural sites located in this part of the Pomurje region. We recommend a visit to the modern tourist centre, which preserves the local cultural heritage, as well as a trip to wine cellars and vineyards which offer amazing scenic views over the walked routes.


Geographic Nature Trail

Selo - Berkovci

Length: 6 km
Level: fairly demanding;
asphalt, gravel, forest path

Sights: Romanesque rotunda, creek mill