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Hiking trails

Hiking trails

The hiking trails lead past many tourist sites in the Pomurje region, through the part of the Moravske Toplice municipality which is an important part of the Goričko Nature Park.

The trails are marked in the Hikers' Paradise map ("Raj za pohodnike"). The map is available at TIC Moravske Toplice.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a version of walking that uses specially designed poles. If you use the poles the right way, you can activate 90% of your body muscles. This type of walking stimulates shoulder muscles, improves spine mobility and reduces neck, shoulder and back pain. You can learn Nordic walking with the help of an instructor.

Up the First Hill

Moravske Toplice - Martjanci

Length: 3,5 km
Level: undemanding; asphalt, gravel

Suitable for prams, strollers and wheelchairs; also suitable for Nordic walking learners

Sights: TIC Moravske Toplice, Protestant Church in Moravske Toplice, Spa complex, various local providers in catering and other service
The trail is part of the European Path of Saint Martin.


Martjanci Trail

Martjanci - Moravske Toplice - Noršinci

Length: 6 km
Level: fairly demanding;
asphalt, gravel

Sights: Martjanci Sports and recreation centre, Church of Saint Martin in Martjanci,
building featuring the stork nest in Martjanci, Livada golf course, various local providers along the trail offeting the catering and other services.

Part of the trail runs along the Pomurje Mountain Trail, the European E7 walking trail and the Path of Saint Martin. The Martjanci Trail leads to one of the most beautiful cultural monuments – the Church of Saint Martin, which is more than 700 years old and from which the village takes its name. On top the restored old school’s chimney sits a famous stork’s nest to which white storks return every year. Along the trail, which will lead you through fields and meadows to the neighbouring villages, storks might accompany you with their inquisitive looks or create an unforgettable photographic experience.


Green Trail

Sebeborci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 7 km
Level: fairly demanding;
asphalt, gravel, forest path; a short trail runs through diverse areas featuring forest, creeks, cultivated land and meadows

Sights: the spa complex, Protestant Churh in Moravske Toplice, local providers of catering and other services.

At the beginning of the Green Trail, you can treat yourself to some of the culinary specialties which are typical of Prekmurje. While this is a short trail, you will still encounter a wealth of natural and cultural sites along the way, including fields and meadows, forests and creeks and, of course, the modern tourist centre with a one-of-a-kind culinary offer.


The Trail of Fellowship

Kančevci - Ivanovci

Length: 6 km
Level: fairly demanding;
asphalt, gravel, forest path

Sights: Centre of spirituality in Kančevci Church of Saint Benedict in Kančevci Franc Ivanocy monument, Mikloš Küzmič monument, Birth House of Franc Ivanocy

Goričko is an oasis of health, offering a range of opportunities for sports and leisure. The place represents a symbiosis of life and existence, humankind and nature, earth and sky as well as language and culture.


Panvita's Healthy Heart Trail

Sebeborci - Moravske Toplice

Test Yourself Trail – 1.8 km
Take Time for Your Heart Trail – 5.5 km

Panvita's Healthy Heart Trail includes a short and a long route. The Test Yourself route (Slovenian: "Testiraj se") runs around the urban part of Moravske Toplice and allows you to test yourself and determine the proper level of strain for your heart. After you are done with the testing, you can continue along the longer Take Time for Your Heart Trail (Slovenian: "Vzemi si čas za svoje srce"), which offers diverse scenic views over the Prekmurje flatland.

Hiking trail for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Panvita's Heart trail is suitable for Nordic walking, which is one of the most popular and the most favourable forms of body exercise. Activating the entire body, this exercise is safe to use, inexpensive and suitable for people of all ages and sizes.

Both the short and the long route (1.8 and 5.5 km) start at the same point. There are information boards placed along the way and the Terme Vivat spa offers guided lessons and the poles rental services.