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Cycling routes

Cycling routes

The Path of Joy (Pot Užitka)

Murska Sobota - Markišavci - Polana - Černelavci - Krog - Bakovci - Rakičan - Noršinci - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice - Martjanci - Nemčavci - Murska Sobota

Length: 42 km
Level: fairly demanding
Altitude difference: 10 m

The trail was created by following the message of the Latin proverb "Carpe diem!" (Seize the day!). The 42-km cycling route is a great choice for an interesting trip full of enjoyment and relaxation. It is suitable for the entire family or a group of friends who would like to take a full-day trip on bicycles. The cycling adventure starts in the town of Murska Sobota. The first stop on the route is in the village of Markišavci, where the local offer will impress those who like home-made meat delicacies. We recommend a visit to the facility producing certified ham under the Scent of Prekmurje ("Diši po Prekmurju") trademark. The route continues to the village of Polana, where we recommend a stop at the well-known inn offering great food. You cannot miss it – just look for the stork's nest. Drive past the Černelavci village to the village of Krog, right down to the Mura river. Continue to the Bakovci village, where you can take a cable ferry over the Mura river or have a snack at the traditional inn. The route continues to the Rakičan village where you can visit a small airport in the midst of the cultivated fields. The most daring can set on a special adventure and see the region from the bird's-eye view. Next, drive to the magnificent mansion with a horse stable, where you can go horseback riding. The mansion is surrounded by a well-preserved English park which offers great relaxation for the body and mind. After a rest, continue towards the Noršinci village and then the Tešanovci village, where you can taste some amazing chocolate products in a unique chocolate shop. Ride your bicycle to Moravske Toplice and stop at TIC Moravske Toplice, which operates as a great information centre for cyclists. If you would like to relax, visit the near-by spa complex, where you can swim in the thermal water or let yourself be pampered at the wellness centre. Another point of interest is the Protestant church found at the centre of the village. The cycling route continues towards the Martjanci village, where visitors can see frescos by Johannes Aquila in the Gothic church. The road ends at the starting point – in Murska Sobota.

  • Suitable for a cycling trip for the entire family or a group of friends.
  • You can discover culinary treasures and taste home-made food at different local providers of catering services along the way.
  • This well-marked, circular route can be found on the Carpe Diem map which also includes other hiking and cycling trails in the vicinity of Moravske Toplice.
  • The route is not marked along the roads.

More information on cycling routes can be found in tourist guides and leaflets available at TIC Moravske Toplice Cyclists' Paradise map (Slovenian: "Raj za kolesarje"), the map of Pomurje and Porabje, Cyclists' Guide (Slovenian: "Kolesarski vodnik"), Carpe diem – Seize the day!

I Have Neither the Time nor the Will

Moravske Toplice - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 6 km
Level: undemanding;
runs along bicycle lanes and local roads; suitable for recreational cyclists, families etc.

The flat and secure trail encircles the Terme 3000 in part of the area called Čreta. It runs past the tourist village and the golf course which gives the entire village a special mark. Stop by the road to take a rest at a typical Pannonian well called Čiga, where you will be able to experience history. The trail runs partly on a bicycle lane and partly on a local road. It is suitable for occasional cyclists, families and Nordic walking enthusiasts. 


A Visit to the Storks

Moravske Toplice - Noršinci - Martjanci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 8 km
Level: undemanding;
runs along bicycle lanes and local roads; suitable for recreational cyclists, families etc.

Experience life on the Pannonian Plain, the expansive landscape, meticulously cultivated fields and the typical Pannonian villages along the road. In the church of Saint Martin in the nearby Martjanci village, one can admire the oldest preserved self-portrait in European classical painting. Not far away, visitors can also find a stork's nest. The trail mainly runs on a local road, with one part covering a bicycle lane. The land here is flat and safe to cycle. It is suitable for occasional cyclists, families and Nordic walking enthusiasts.

A Visit to the White Dove Designed by Jože Plečnik

Moravske Toplice - Tešanovci - Bogojina - Ivanci - Mlajtinci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 12 km
Level: undemanding;
mostly flat trail with an occasional mild slope, runs partly along bicycle lanes, suitable for recreational cyclists, families etc.

A flat part leads through a typical Pannonian village called Tešanovci to the Bogojina village where visitors can take a look at a church designed by a famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik, which has been dubbed the White Dove. The architect designed his masterpiece by uniting the concepts of religion and national heritage. Highly recommended is also a climb to the nearby outlook tower offering a scenic view over the surrounding vineyards and the flatlands of Ravensko.

The trail is predominantly flat, though it does slightly rises occasionally. Part of the trail runs along a bicycle lane. The path is suitable for non-professional cyclists and families.

The World Champion Trai

Moravske Toplice - Tešanovci - Bogojina - Ivanci - Mlajtinci - Noršinci - Martjanci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 17 km
Level; undemanding;
mostly flat, suitable for recreational cyclists or those who would like to press on the pedals a little harder, just like Robič did.

Experience an adventure! In 2004, the Slovenian extreme cyclists Jure Robič (died 2010), a multiple Race Across America (RAAM) winner, broke a record in 24-hour chronometer race on this trail. On a circular ride, he conquered a 840-km trail without a single rest.


Moravske Toplice - Mlajtinci - Ivanci - Bogojina - Filovci - Strehovci - Dobrovnik - Bukovniško jezero - Bukovnica - Bogojina - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 29 km
Level: fairly demanding,
mostly flat with one mild slope and a 2-km macadam section

The trail invokes a feel of nostalgia and brings visitors closer to the magical world of energy. In the village of Filovci, one can see the charming traditional houses, while the nearby Lake Bukovnica will enchant with its stunning beauty. The area by the chapel of Saint Vitus is dotted with energy points, and this place has been referred to as the area of the greatest energy charge in Europe. Try water from the Saint Vitus well; it is said to have healing properties; a local legend has it that this water can even restore eyesight.

Over the Hills

Moravske Toplice - Martjanci - Sebeborci - Andrejci - Zgornji Moravci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 16 km
Level: fairly demanding;
quite long, a mild slope at one section

If you visit this part of the Goričko Regional Park, you will be able to see that not the entire part of Prekmurje is flat.

Goričko is downright ideal for exploring on a bicycle as there is almost no traffic and the terrain is not very steep. The small farms preserve a view of a world that is slowly disappearing. If you are an early bird, you can admire the wonderful hills bathing in the rising sun, which will fill your heart with joy. You can also visit the church of Saint Martin in Martjanci, which features beautiful frescos by Janez Akvila, or try home-made ham and other traditional delicacies.
The trail, which features a single, mild slope, is suitable for those who enjoy quiet areas with little or no traffic.

Trail of Romance

Moravske Toplice - Zgornji Moravci - Fokovci - Vučja Gomila - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 18 km
Level: fairly demanding; quite hilly

Looking for a quick route to vineyards? The Goričko Regional Park with its beautiful nature starts right after the roundabout in Moravske Toplice. Featuring some charming hills, this trail is ideal for nature loves and those who are romantic at heart. The sloped section offers an wealth of small local providers of catering and other services, which will welcome you open-handedly.
The road is quite hilly, suitable for bikers who prefer quiet areas with little or no traffic.


Moravske Toplice - Tešanovci - Vučja Gomila - Selo - Prosenjakovci - Pordašinci - Motvarjevci - Bukovnica - Bogojina - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 35 km
Level: quite demanding,
but suitable for recreational cyclists; features many points of interest (i.e. rotunda)

This trail is a real gem. Though a bit more difficult than usual, it is suitable for recreational cyclists.
A beautiful scenic view can be experienced along the entire trail. The ascend to Vučja Gomila is followed by a descend to the rotunda, a romantic rotund church in the Selo village.

The Rotunda of Saint Nicholas was built in the first half of the 13th century; the erection of the building was first thought to be the work of the mysterious order of Knights Templar. Subsequently, it turned out that the church was built by the crusaders. In the village of Prosenjakovci, one can visit the remains of the old Matzenau manor from the 19th century.

Sweet Trail

Moravske Toplice - Martjanci - Sebeborci - Ivanovci - Kančevci - Ratkovci - Lončarovci - Ivanjševci - Berkovci - Prosenjakovci - Motvarjevci - Bukovnica - Bogojina - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 41 km
Level: fairly to quite demanding; quite hilly trail

This is the most difficult yet the most rewarding path. It was arranged upon the initiative of some locals who live along the trail.

It introduces several eminent craftsmen, who put a lot of love in their products and keep the heritage alive. You can buy sweet delicacies made of honey at Medičarstvo Celec in Ratkovci or visit the beekeepers family Kozic in Ivanjševci. Peek into the history of local people by visiting the Časar mill in Berkovci. Along the road, there are also several buildings preserving national heritage that are worth visiting.

The trail is very hilly and suitable for fit cyclists who can endure greater physical strain than average.

Let`s Go to Hungary

Moravske Toplice - Zgornji Moravci - Prosenjakovci - Magyarszombatfa (H) - Gödörháza (H) - Velemér (H) - Szentgyörgyvölgy (H) - Nemesnép (H) - Kobilje - Motvarjevci - Bukovnica - Bogojina - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice

Length: 52 km
Level: fairly to quite demanding;
quite hilly trail with an occasional flat section

Although the longest, this trail is highly recommended as it partly runs though Hungary. The Hungarian villages are a bit different and the time passes by slower than on the Slovenian side. In a pottery village of Magyarszombatfa, tourists can visit many craftsmen, mostly potters. A wooden bell tower in Nemesnép is also very interesting.