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Visit to the Neighbours

Austria nearby

Bad Radkersburg and its surrounding area

Bad Radkersburg, a town in the south-eastern part of Austrian Styria, lies at the Mura bank, just opposite the Slovenian side with the town of Gornja Radgona. The sunny town of Bad Radkersburg gets as many as 1930 hours of sunlight per year.

At the main square, the town hall with its Gothic tower  is surrounded by three-storey buildings which used to belong to rich merchants and nobility. Across from the town hall, one can find the Pistor House, one of the oldest houses in town; the basement of this establishment features valuable frescos by painter Johannes Aquila. The town, which is great for romantic walks, is well-known for its thermal mineral water.

Near Bad Radkersburg lies a village of Mureck (Slovenian: Cmurek), which is one of the centres of Slovenian culture in the Austrian Styria. When in Cmurek, you can visit the Cmurek Castle or the floating mill on the Mura river – one of the last preserved mills of its kind in the central Europe.

The near-by Bad Gleichenberg offers an amazing Styrassic Park with more than 80 live-size sculptures of dinosaurs, which is great fun for children. As the names of the villages suggest (i.e. the German word Bad meaning spa), the area is full of thermal springs (Thermenland).

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Distance to Moravske Toplice:  Bad Radkersburg, 22 km


Crossing the Border to Croatia

Sveti Martin na Muri and Međimurje wine road

Visit the borderline part of the Međimurje municipality. You can start at the Croatian northernmost tourist resort, in the village of Sveti Martin na Muri, where you can visit the mill on the Mura river and a museum called the Miller's House. The educational Miller's Path runs through the nearby area.

In the village of Mursko Središče, you can visit the mining museum and learn all about the mining tradition of Međimurje. The area also boasts the first Croatian museum of vintage vehicles with a collection of old cars, tractors and motorbikes.

A local legend has it that the old Romans grew their first vineyards on the slopes of the Međimurje hills.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Sv. Martin na Muri, 35 km


Crossing the Border to Hungary

The village of Monošter/Szentgotthárd

Monošter (Hungarian: Szentgotth, German: St. Gotthard) is a town on the Raba river in the westernmost part of Hungary. The town is know as the centre of the Porabje region and is populated mostly by the members of Slovenian ethnic group. Visit the Nature Park Őrség and see its amazing forests and magnificent countryside, or the town of Lenti for a shopping spree. In Velemér near Lenti you can visit the church featuring frescoes by Johannes Aquila. In the near-by village of Magyarszombatfa, the locals have preserves the traditional craft of pottery.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Monošter, 42 km