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Where we are and how to get there

The village of Moravske Toplice is situated in the utmost north-eastern part of Slovenia. It is very well connected to many major towns and neighbouring regions. The administrative centre of the region is the city of Murska Sobota, with its regional bus and train services.
Other major towns within the 30-km distance from Moravske Toplice include Murska Sobota (8 km), Lendava (30 km), Gornja Radgona (23 km) and Ljutomer (28 km).

How to get there


By car

Moravske Toplice is located close to all major roads in this part of Slovenia. A motorway runs from the direction of Ljubljana and Maribor, and other roads also lead from Austria and Hungary.

From the direction of Ljubljana and Maribor, Slovenia
Take the A1 motorway from Ljubljana towards Maribor and follow the signs for Murska Sobota, Lendava and Budapest (Murska Sobota – Lendava – Budimpešta) on the A5 highway. Leave the highway at the Gančani – Moravske Toplice exit.

From the direction of Vienna and Graz, Austria
You can take a slightly longer route via Maribor and follow the above instructions, or you can leave the motorway between Graz and Maribor at the Bad Radkersburg exit and take the regional road towards Murska Sobota. You will then enter Slovenia near the village of Gederovci in the Prekmurje region. Follow the main road towards Murska Sobota, and then towards Moravske Toplice.

From the direction of Budapest, Hungary
Take the A7 motorway from Budapest towards Slovenia. At the Letenye junction, follow the M70 highway towards Ljubljana. You will enter Slovenia at the village of Pince. Follow the A5 highway towards Ljubljana until you get to the Gančani – Moravske Toplice exit where you can leave the highway.

From the direction of Zagreb, Croatia
Take the A4 motorway leading towards Budapest, Hungary. At the Čakovec exit, follow the signs for Mursko Središče. You will then enter Slovenia at the border crossing of Mursko Središče.

By bus

Murska Sobota, located approximately 10 km from the village of Moravske Toplice, is well connected with all major towns and cities in Slovenia as well as those in Croatia and Hungary. There are many bus lines connecting the towns of Lendava, Murska Sobota, Ljutomer and Gornja Radgona.

The Avtobusni promet Murska Sobota bus company is the main carrier in the region. The Murska Sobota bus station is located in the centre of the town, next to the Diana Hotel.

Information and timetables
For Slovenia:
For Murska Sobota:

By train

The nearest train station is located in Murska Sobota. From there, you can take a local bus towards Moravske Toplice and other tourist centres in the region.

Information and timetables:
Slovenian and international train timetables:

By plane

International airports closest to Moravske Toplice:

Graz, Austria
The distance from the airport to Moravske Toplice is approx. 100 km via Bad Radkersburg and 115 km via Maribor.

Zagreb, Croatia
The distance from the airport to Moravske Toplice is approx. 120 km.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
The distance from the airport to Moravske Toplice is approx. 210 km.

GPS coordinates

Moravske Toplice: 46°41′6.38"N 16°13′8.25"E

Murska Sobota – parking area at the town castle: 46°39'45.8" N 16°09'37.6" E

Lendava: 46°34′N 16°27′E

Information partly taken from: