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From Pomurje

Experience the culture of Murska Sobota

As the centre of the region, Murska Sobota offers numerous possibilities for all culture and art enthusiasts. Cultural points of interest include the Pomurje museum (Pomurski muzej), the town park with the castle, the victory monument and the historic buildings with Secession-style ornaments on the Slovenska ulica street.

The majority of cultural events in Murska Sobota take place in the summer when you can visit the culture festival called the Sobota Days ("Soboški dnevi") or the Sobota Summer festival ("Soboško poletje") as well as fairs and other events which give the town a special mark trhoughout the year. Regardless of the season, you can always visit the theatre, music and puppet shows at the Gledališče Park theatre in Murska Sobota. MIKK (Youth Information and Culture Club) organizes events for the youth and those who young at heart, and the Murska Sobota Gallery hosts both permanent and temporary collections.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Murska Sobota, 9 km

Zavod za kulturo, turizem in šport Murska Sobota
T: +386 2 521 43 80

Experience the border area in Lendava and Dobrovnik


Lendava is the centre of the Slovenian-Hungarian bilingual area. Tourists can visit the charming theatre and concert hall as well as the synagogue, the museum of the bourgeoisie, printing and umbrella making, the church of Saint Catherine, the chapel of Holy Trinity housing the glass coffin with the mummy of medieval hero Mihael Hadik, the town castle and the Lendava Gallery-museum with its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions featuring works by world-renowned artists. Lendava also boasts the flattering title of the World Bograč Capital.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Lendava, 30 km

T: +386 2 578 92 60


The Bukovniško jezero lake is situated near Moravske Toplice; a trail with different energy points runs around the lake. Next to the lake, there is a high rope course for the adrenalin rush lovers. Don't forget to visit the tropical garden in the near-by village of Dobrovnik, where you can admire orchids and other tropical plants.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Dobrovnik, 13 km


Goričko Nature Park,
Park Vulkanija,
Grad Castle

Welcome to the heart of the Goričko hills, which emerged from the bottom of the Pannonian Sea  in the prehistoric times. In the Nature Park Goričko, you can admire the enchanting and pristine nature. The park, located at the crossroads of cultures and nations, is part of a trilateral nature Raab-Őrség-Goričko park.

Grad Castle, which carries the same name as the nearby village (in Slovenian, the word "grad" means castle), boasts 365 rooms and is one of the largest baroque castles in Slovenia. Close to the village of Grad, the last volcano in today's Slovenia was active 3 million years ago. More information is available at Adventure Park Vulkanija which offers numerous activities for the whole family.

Various minor events dedicated to the heritage, sports and art take place here throughout the year.

Information for visitors
Distance to Moravske Toplice: Grad, 27 km

Nature Park Goričko Information centre
T: +386 2 551 88 60
M: +386 31 354 149


The region of Prlekija is found at the north-east of Slovenia, between the two rivers of Drava and Mura.

Prlekija is the place where the hilly landscape of the Slovenske Gorice region ends and the flatlands of Pomurje start. The town of Ljutomer, which is the heart of the region, and the landscape around Jeruzalem, which is renowned for its excellent wines, give Prlekija a special flair and charm.

In Ljutomer, you can walk around the old town centre with its three market squares and the Church of Saint John the Baptist with magnificent baroque decorations, visit the hippodrome, or take a look at traditional pottery products. The Jeruzalem area borders Austria and Prekmurje in the north, and Croatia in the south. This region is marked not only by exquisite food, delicious wines, terraced vineyards, and clapping wind-rattles but also by a rich cultural, natural and ethnological heritage as well as thermal springs, spas and the trotting tradition.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Ljutomer, 35 km


Gornja Radgona – town of fairs and sparkling wine

Found at the bank of the Mura river, the town of Gornja Radgona is located right at the Austrian border the north-east of Slovenia. The slopes and ridges of the surrounding hills are mostly turned into vineyards which make the area around the town especially charming.

Visitors can take the tourist train along the Apollonia Trail, visit numerous wine cellars and taste excellent sparkling and other wines, such asTraminec or Radgonska Ranina, admire the cultural heritage at the Negova Castle, stop by the springs or explore nature around the Lisjakova Struga river bed next to the Mura river, which is also a great place for fishermen.

Information for visitors
Distance to Moravske Toplice: Gornja Radgona, 23 km

TIC Gornja Radgona
T: +386 2 564 82 40

Explore the Mura river,
visit mills and traditional cable ferries

The Mura has inspired many artists with its exceptional beauty. The pristine nature along its banks is not just a safe harbour for artists, it is also a great place to stop by on a hike or a bike ride. Its banks are ideal for family walks or strolls down the river. The river mills give the Mura its unique character.

The Ižakovci village:
a mill on the Island of love ("Otok ljubezni"), a traditional cable ferry used for transport to the opposite side, and a museum;

The Veržej village:
Babičev mlin, the only floating mill where visitors can view the interior and buy flour and other milling products.

Traditional ferries on the river can also be found in the villages of Krog, Hotiza, Melinci and others.

Discover the Mura river and, when in the area, visit the Beltinci village international folk festival organised every summer.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice:  Beltinci, 10 km