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Generation to generation

Diligent hands passing crafts down from one generation to the other

Diligent craftsmen pass their skills down from one generation to another, preserving the heritage of their (great)grandparents.

Their deft hands and restless spirits create genuine, well recognisable objects which, in all fairness, do not need to be brought back to life in Prekmurje as they are embedded in the local environment at all times.

Why not attend an unforgettable pottery workshop and put your skills to the test
or participate in creating heart-shaped gingerbread, traditional grass cutting, corn husking or flax retting.

Ethnological and crafts events take place every May through October.

Open-air museums

Pottery village, Filovci

Filovci features two live cultural monuments, i.e. the indigenous Pannonian thatch-roofed houses including the Potter's House (Slovenian: Lončarjeva hiša), and the House of Culinary Delights (Slovenian: Hiša kulinarike). The Filovci village used to have at least one pottery maker at almost every house. Today, the pottery village of Filovci is the only place that still preserves the tradition, craftsmanship and the art of pottery – all this is on display for tourists. Learn about the nearly forgotten craft and see how the pottery kiln works.

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Magda’s House, Filovci

You can visit the preserved thatched roof house which is an important monument of the local architectural heritage. The house, which was built in the traditional  L-shaped floor plan, also features some other historical characteristics, including the wooden ceiling. The indoor living area, which is the largest room in the house, is called the Great House or “velka iža” in Slovenian.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Filovci, 8 km


Cultural and technical monument

Časarov mlin Watermill

The watermill located near the Ratkovski potok stream in the Berkovci village is a Slovenian cultural and technical monument. It houses a museum and features a special Francis turbine. The mill houses an ethnographic collection of traditional tools, the remains of the oil mill and written documents about the mill.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Berkovci, 13 km


Arts and crafts

Traditional bee-keeping, Ivanjševci

Visit the fascinating world of bees and try some delicious honey. You can admire the traditional beehive with picturesque front panels.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Ivanjševci, 16 km

Koloman Kozic, +386 (0)41 231 766

Gingerbread maker, Ratkovci

Try the traditional, amazingly soft gingerbread biscuits from the Prekmurje region and learn how to make them. The Celec family preserves the tradition of gingerbread making with recipes that have been passed down through generations. They offer their honey products at various fairs in the region and in other parts of Slovenia.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Ratkovci, 13 km


Traditional cheese making, Ratkovci

Try traditional cheeses and other milk products from the Goričko region – you can taste the pristine nature of Prekmurje in the food products made by sustainable farming and organic production of sheep's, goat's and cow's milk. We would especially recommend the cheese delicacies made from raw milk.

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Distance to Moravske Toplice: Ratkovci, 14 km


Other traditional arts and crafts

The tourist market in Moravske Toplice, which is held several times throughout the year, offers a variety of traditional arts and crafts products (made from clay, wood, straw, wicker, corn bast and embroidery) as well as food products from local producers (honey products, honey, pumpkin seed oil, dried apple slices, pumpkin seeds, cheese, chocolate pralines, meat products, wine, vinegar, herbal tea).