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Culinary specialities

Culinary specialities

Sweets and other delicacies from Prekmurje

The deft hands of local providers create genuine, well recognisable products made from honey (flavoured biscuits, heart-shaped gingerbread, pure honey). Special cheeses are made from organic, sustainably produced sheep's, goat's and cow's milk. As the restless spirit of creation opens doors to the imagination, the creators of exquisite home-made treats dressed their products in chocolate coatings to create a selection of pralines called the Chocolate Treats of Prekmurje, including the assorted flavours of pumpkin, the Prekmurje layered cake, elder, jurka grape and Traminec white wine.

Explore the diversity of flavours and experience genuine hospitality from the first moment of your stay.

The local people and restaurants will simply enchant you with their home-made delicacies, fruit brandies and excellent wines.

Traditional dishes from Prekmurje include the Prekmurje layered cake ("prekmurska gibanica"), "posolanka" cake with fresh curd cheese, pies, savoury pastry with cracklings etc. Some food is heavily influenced by the Hungarian cuisine, for example the "dödöli" potato dumplings, "pörkölt" meat stew, goulash, Roma-style roast pork, "bogrács" stew, "pereci" pretzels, "langaš" fried potato dough, and strudels.

If you like cooking, we recommend to get your copy of the cookbook which includes Hungarian-style dishes. The recipes were collected by the people in Motvarjevci and they include contributions of locals from he bilingual area of Moravske Toplice, i.e. the villages of Prosenjakovci (Hungarian: Pártosfalva), Motvarjevci (Hungarian: Szentlászló), Pordašinci (Hungarian: Kisfalu), Središče (Hungarian: Szerdahely) and Čikečka vas (Hungarian: Csekefa).

A recipe from the booklet
Flavours that Connect and Enrich
("Okusi (z)družijo in bogatijo")

Buckwheat pie ("ajdova zlejvanka")
(Irena Šušlek)

12–14 tbsp buckwheat flour
500 ml mineral water (sparkling)
3 eggs salt fat for greasing the pan (pumpkin seed oil)

Combine the ingredients to make a smooth mixture and pour into a well-greased baking tray. Heat the tray in advance to prevent the pie from sticking to the bottom. The mineral water is used to make the cake softer.

Traditional culinary events

The Prekmurje cuisine is closely connected to culture and traditions. This is why you can try traditional dishes from Prekmurje at almost every event in the Moravske Toplice municipality. Usually, they are prepared by local housekeepers who are members of local tourist, cultural and other associations.

Some culinary events:

Festival of the Prekmurje delicacies
Wine and Food Festival, Filovci village

Summer Tourist Market, Moravske Toplice

Vegetable Day, Ivanci village

Culinary hikes

More than ten organized hikes are linked to traditional Prekmurje cuisine. One of the best known is Saint Martin's hike in November.