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Homemade is best

Homemade is best

Mmmm, mouth-watering!

In Prekmurje, home-made specialities made according to secret recipes are passed down from one generation to another – from one housekeeper to the next. Each housekeeper adds her own character to the recipe she inherits from her (great-) grandmother, thus combining tradition with a modern twist and healthy, organic ingredients.

There's no need for a guilty conscience – nobody counts calories in Prekmurje.

Homemade is best

Home-made food served at tourist farms, wineries and farm stays is the foundation of our cuisine. Carefully kept secrets of housekeepers in the Prekmurje region and local ingredients make the Prekmurje cuisine especially rich in flavour.

The location at the crossroads of cultures is best reflected in dishes, which combine characteristics both from Slovenian and Hungarian cuisine. The Hungarian influence is most evident in meals like the "bograč" meat stew, "dödoli" potato dumplings, "langaš" fried potato dough, typical "pereci" pretzels and many others.

The most widely known speciality is the Prekmurje layered cake ("prekmurska gibanica"), filled with fresh curd cheese, walnuts, poppy seeds and apples. Traditional holiday recipes passed down from our grandmothers include yeast cake ("potica") with poppy or walnut filling, "rétaši" baked farinaceous rolls, "zlejvanka" sponge cake, crackling buns etc.

In the past, a typical everyday menu would include various dishes with buckwheat or millet groats. Food like this is still served at local restaurants, inns and tourist farms. Salads are traditionally prepared with the pumpkin seed oil. We would also recommend buckwheat pie (Slovenian: "ajdova zlevanka") with pumpkin seed oil and the "posolanka", a type of fresh curd cheese cake.

Traditional home-made meat delicacies

Some of the best regional specialities include food prepared with dried smoked meat. You can try the exceptional Prekmurje ham and smoked ribs. We also recommend delicious home-made sausages, special bacon-based spread with onion and spices, home-made pâtés or spreads, and haggis-style blood and meat sausages with turnip stew (Slovenian: "bujta repa").  Most restaurants and inns offer Hungarian-style specialities such as the "bogrács" or "paprikash" stew, which perfectly complement the rest of the food.

Soups and more

Among the traditional local food, milk soups are something that definitely stands out. They can be prepared with cream, fresh curd cheese, beans, potatoes or mushrooms.

Local wines

High quality wines from the region's wine-growing areas are especially worth mentioning. The most common white wines include Welschriesling, Furmint, Riesling, Pinot gris, Chardonnay, Rizvanec, Kerner and Traminec, while the most often grown red wines are Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt and Pinot noir.