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Folklore that unites

A web of national heritage, music and dance

Ugrós (Ugrós Táncegyüttes), folk group of the Prosenjakovci bi-lingual primary school

The music, dance, culture and food in our municipality, which are intertwined and which complement one another, are passed down through generations.

Ugrós (Ugrós Táncegyüttes), the folk group from the Prosenjakovci bi-lingual primary school, currently counts 16 members – students aged 10 to 15. Their goal is to preserve the Hungarian culture and folk traditions. What is the most important is that the children love to dance and spend time together. The group performs at events in the school and near-by villages. Every year, they take part in the children's folk groups competition held in the town of Lendava, as well as in the Slovenian national show of folk songs, dances and traditions. They received various awards, for example the golden award at a festival in Rogaška Slatina in 2013.

Dancing and spending time in each other's company makes them happy. They are happy to perform, especially if it means visiting new places and making new friends.

They draw their inspiration from the land around them, which is "pleasant on the eyes and nurturing on the soul in all seasons."

They find even grater challenge in the "dance heritage because the culture of dancing in the Pannonian Plain is incredibly diverse and rich." Of course, it is important that the children learn different dances at the appropriate difficulty level. It can be challenging to find the right balance. The teachers are happy to see their children develop skills and their sense of rhythm.

The group told us how they came up with the name.
"In the school year of 2012/2013 we were preparing for the 17th Méta Festival. There was only one girl in the group, so we could not practice dances which are normally performed in pairs. Because of this, we practised the so-called "bouncy dances" for two years. So we called ourselves Ugrós Táncegyüttes (Ugrós folg group) because "ugrós" is the Hungarian technical term for a bouncy dance."

Group's message to the visitors:
"Where we come from, the forests rustle, the corn ripens and the linden trees blossom. The smell of freshly baked bread and warm words from kind people are still part of our lives. The time here passes by slowly and we always find time for curious people who would like to discover our part of the world."