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Nature Lover

She started out mending gardens, orchards, and meadows in the Suhi Vrh village for fun, but now the hobby has been turned into a true countryside fairytale.

Tatjana Borovšak, an architect from Suhi Vrh and a great nature lover

For Tatjana, the house at Suhi Vrh in the Moravske Toplice municipality has always represented a place where she could rest and relax after the hectic life in the city.. Her mother Ana was born in the village of Suhi Vrh, so Tatjana feels a deep connection to this place. The architect would often come here as a child because she loved nature just like her mother did. Nevertheless, Tatjana has spent most of her life in large towns and cities, first during her studies in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, and then in Murska Sobota, where she opened her architectural studio Zlati rez (Slovenian for "golden ratio"). The architecture inspires her to come up with new ideas and express her creativity within the natural environment.
She expanded her business to include other activities, particularly permaculture. This way,  she rekindled her almost forgotten passion for gardening, cooking and crafting various natural products. In the beginning, she took care of gardens and orchards just for fun, but eventually  her hobby turned into a true countryside fairytale. She grows excellent vegetables, fruits and herbs, which she transforms into delicious home-made products.
Tatjana makes sure her garden is not just pretty, but also very functional. Everything she grows is within her reach. To build it, she used only natural materials she collected with her children around the house or in the forest.
The entire family loves Suhi Vrh and each member contributes their part to developing gardens and products. The weekends are especially fun and full of joy when her children return from school and let her pamper them. Each family member has their own view of the world and interests; however, the love for nature and food brings them together, which can best be seen when they sit down for their Sunday lunch.
Tatjana learned gardening from numerous books and seminars on permaculture. She decided to engage in an ecological cultivation of land, without chemicals. All produce is grown in the nature- and customer-friendly way. When the vegetables are fresh, they have great biological value.

She likes to share her experience about cultivating her little piece of land with others. She writes a blog ( where everyone can find something useful for themselves.

She says her roots are in the village of Suhi Vrh, where she is connected to the past each day by discovering how people used to live, and she brings these stories to the modern era by caring for trees and the vineyard planted by her grandfather. She also loves collecting old items and paintings and talking about the past with her relatives.

She described her village in the following words:
"Pristine nature, peace, beauty, the spirit of the past and the inspiration for life and creativity both in architecture and permaculture."

Here are her thoughts about the Prekmurje region which she helps to (re)shape:
"Prekmurje is the most beautiful corner of our country, where you can find pristine nature. To cultivate your own piece of land is priceless. Many people who own land often don't even realize what they have. You only have to take advantage of what nature has to offer. And where there's a will, the results will soon follow."

A special message for all visitors to the Prekmurje region:
"Live each day as if it were your last and make the best of what you have for yourself and for your loved ones. At the end of each day, ask yourself if you have done something good for yourself. No day should pass this question answered positively.