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Chocolate artists

Passero Country Chocolate Shop and its creators of heavenly chocolate treats

Jasmina Passero Sotošek and Tomaž Sotošek

Jasmina Passero Sotošek and Tomaž Sotošek from the village of Tešanovci live their life surrounded by chocolate.
It may sound like a dream, but in creating their chocolate products, they have to think globally and act locally every day. As they like to say, they are "happy to "think chocolate" and taste the local flavours." Jasmina says it all began quite recently when Tomaž created the first delicious chocolate kisses for her. This lovely gift from his heart sparked the passion for making their own chocolate.

The new story enriched the traditional Passero Farmhouse, which has long been offering incredible home-made delicacies.

How they feel and see the Prekmurje region

"Our family is rooted in Prekmurje with its heart and soul. Ever since I can remember, I always loved returning home to Tešanovci, especially during my studies in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. I could smell the domestic feel, comfort, kindness and warmth every time I came back. Everything here has a special smell. And after Tomaž started sharing these feelings with me on his first visit to Prekmurje, it all seemed even nicer."

The couple draws energy for their daily work from tradition which inspires them to create new stories. They let their imagination run free when trying to wrap the old, traditional flavours from their home in a new chocolate cover. Even the most common day with its small, usual events can be a great inspiration for a simple chocolate bar, for example, covered with seeds coming from a pumpkin that has just been picked fresh from a field.

They enjoy their evening walks as they can admire the Prekmurje countryside at a sunset and look for typical Pannonian features that could leave a distinct mark on their chocolate products.

Message for all visitors who come to the beautiful Prekmurje

"The plains on this side of the Mura river spread in front of you like an open hand all the way to the Goričko Hills and beyond. Come and visit our magical and welcoming corner of Slovenia.
We are always glad to set the table for good company and serve home-made food and wine that bring back memories of beautiful stories. Welcome to Prekmurje. We are here to share its joys with you."