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Heart made of honey

We spread love and sweet flavours with our products

Jožica Celec, maker of honey biscuits and gingerbread products

When we asked Jožica to introduce herself in a few words, she gave this playful answer: "I'm Jožica Celec. I'm a child of the universe. I nurture our cultural heritage, preserve the secrets of crafts connected to honey and teach them to young generations."

She has been passing down her knowledge and experience to young generations for decades. Her son Damjan found his calling in the great passion for gingerbread and has, as Jožica puts it, became a young explorer of new recipes who discovers, tests and mixes various flavours and ingredients until he finds the one that is "just right and heavenly enough ". When it comes to shaping gingerbread, his imagination is boundless. He adds novelties to his family tradition with great care.
So what makes Jožica most happy about her work? According to her, it is the fact that theirs is a family business; their work is their mission, a special path that fulfils them and makes them happy. Her honest answer paints a picture of warm and sweet feelings to everyone who has tried their honey specialities: "We know we share the love and sweet flavours with our products, and this gives us the energy and joy for creating."

Jožica says it would be hard to describe the village where she works in just a few fords. This is what she told us: "The place where we work and live is the magical village of Ratkovci. Our workshop is located on a peaceful hill. The nature offers the brightest sunlight, heavenly peace and clean air."
The family uses only the best ingredients for their products. Every visitor assures them that their products are the best, that the honey products give great energy and that the gingerbread fills their heart with love.

More than a decade ago, their products were known only in the near-by villages, but today their tradition is known far beyond. At that time, it seemed as if nobody knew where was the Ratkovci village. Working with some other tourist providers, the family decided to organize the Sweet Trail Hike ("Pohod po Sladki poti") to commemorate the international Women’s Day. It has now become a traditional event that attracts many people from the surrounding area and other parts of Slovenia, who visit the Ratkovci village and the gingerbread workshop. The visitors are always excited to participate in the hike amidst nature and try the delicious products.

The softest and sweetest message sent by Jožica, the creator of amazing delicacies:
"Our beloved Prekmurje with the soft and colourful Goričko Hills is a place of incredible love for life and creativity. I am always glad to present this uniqueness to all visitors who want to try our honey specialities. The door to our workshop, or better say our family, is always open, and we are always happy to welcome visitors."