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Moravske Toplice, near Mercator

Potato Tourist Market

A range of products made by local artisans and produces by local farmers. >> MORE


Moravske Toplice, Martjanci

Hike of Saint Martin

Fee: 10 EUR (adults), 6 EUR (children) included a warm meal, beverages and snacks along the route. On the way we will visit the local points of interest. >> MORE


Moravske Toplice, centre

Advent market

A wide selection of christmas arts and crafts products by local providers. >> MORE



12th Hike of Saint Nicholas

Time: 9.30 - 10.00 - at the village fire station Fee: 6 EUR – adults, 4 EUR - children (inc.: a warm meal, beverages and snacks along the route)(inb.: warme Mahlzeit, Getränke und Imbisse entlang der Strecke) The total length of the route leading throug >> MORE


Moravske Toplice, centre

Cristmas market

A range of products made by local artisans and produces by local farmers. Termins:... >> MORE



Torch-lit walk

A walk to the Midnight Mass held in the parish Church of the Ascension of our Lord in Bogojina. >> MORE


The awakening of the senses in Mai with recreation and food or how to find happiness in the simple joys in life

Destination Moravske Toplice and its surroundings

Rush on the bike through the side roads in Prekmurje and explore the flowering meadows, fragrant pastures and the vineyards. Take a deep breath while riding near the woods and enjoy the fresh air. Go on a bike ride and appreciate the simple things in life, >> MORE

Following the Sweet Trail to the sweet treasures

If you love sweets and would like to combine recreation with the tasting of sweet delicacies, you came to the right place! >> MORE

Recreational trails Carpe diem! / Seize the day!

Murska Sobota - Moravske Toplice with the surrounding area

It is great to set on a trail that offers exceptional adventures for everyone. Come with us. >> MORE

The potter's wheel at the pottery village of Filovci


Feel the clay under your fingertips and explore the traditional heritage first-hand! >> MORE